Document Type : Original Article


Department of Education and Psychology, Faculty of Education, Koya University.


The research aims to know the attitudes of male and female teachers about sexual education, as well as the level of self-awareness and to reveal the relationship between them. Where the current research community consisted of (336) participants in a random stratified manner, and it was relied on the mixed method, Assuming that the parameters were collected, two methods of constructing the scale were used, namely the first scale (attitudes of sex education) (16) item (8) option, And the second scale (16) item (5) option, Through it, it was shown that validity and reliability were at an appropriate level, To analyze the results, the (SPSS) program was used during the statistic, Through it, it appeared that the attitude of male and female teachers of sexual education and self-awareness is at a high level, and there is a positive relationship with statistical significance between them, and the results were made light and recommendations and suggestions were written.