The publication ethics in our journal aims at keeping an acceptable level for the articles submitted to and published in it. It is, therefore, a measure that preserves the scientific benefits of the journal and the articles that are published there. These ethics include, but not limited to, the following:

Authors’ Ethics:


  1. The submitted articles are expected to be the original efforts of its author/authors, unpublished and not under consideration for publication.
  2. If it is a multi-author article, the range of each author’s role in it should be set clearly. In other words, there should be no impression that all the authors participated in it equally. This measure ensures avoiding the problem ready-made articles by other people for the submitting author.
  3. The authors are responsible for any shortcomings in their published articles since they receive their articles for correction prior to publication.
  4. In case of not correcting the points and notes proposed by the reviewers, the article will be completely rejected and justifications of the author/s will not be accepted.

 Editorial Ethics

  1. Upon receiving the article, it will be viewed by the editorial board to decide upon its suitability before being sent to reviewers.
  2. If it is rejected by the editorial board, the publication process will cease and the author will be informed formally.
  3. In case of any mis-evaluation or conflict, it is the editorial board’s responsibility to intrude on behalf of justice and stop any such mis-evaluations.


Reviewers’ Ethics

  1. All the submitted articles should be reviewed and assessed upon their scientific and intellectual contents without consideration of any outer reason.
  2. The information included in the submitted manuscripts and the names of their author/s will be kept confident.
  3. Observations about and reasons for rejecting the submitted article will be conveyed to the author only through the editor.
  4. Violation of any one of the above points will result in blacklisting the reviewer.


Publication Malpractice

  1. In case of discovering any plagiarism in the submitted article, it will be rejected and the author will be informed and blacklisted as well.
  2. If plagiarism was discovered after the publication of the article, it will be removed from the list of the published articles, the author will be informed, he will be blacklisted, and his establishment will be formally informed to take suitable measures.