JGU is a peer-review journal issued by the University of Garmian. The review process is performed by emailing the manus and forms provided for reviewers. The manu should be prepared according the template provided by JGU

Following author’s submission, the manu will be received by the editorial staff who directs the manu to an editor covering the subject and test it for any plagiarism. Then, its proper academic style of writing is also checked in terms of copy rights, story, aims, coherency and grammars. In this step, the submitted manu might be declined without being passed for reviewing. Therefore, JGU recommends the authors to pass their manus to the English language experts before submissions

The successful manu is anonymously sent to at least two referees (reviewers) who are specialists in the field. Both referees independently review the manu exploring the originality or novelty of the data presented or significant contributions of the author (s) to the related scientific field. All referees should agree with journal’s policy in terms of conditions and protecting the results of the manu.

The aim of the peer-review is to support the manus via constructive critics and hence improving the quality of the research prior to publishing. In each step, the editor discusses the manu with the editorial staffs for decisions. That is either to reject or accept the manu depends on the referee’s comments or suggestions concerning corrections of any parts of the manu by the author (s). The reviewers have the right to ask the author (s) for any explanations of the manu via the editor, such as writing styles, provisions of the raw data results, and any corrections might be made to the manu. In case of any conflicts between the reviewer at judging the manu, a third referee will be determined to arbitrate in the dispute

The reviewer’s comments and suggestions are returned back to the author (s) via the editor. The author (s) should correct the suggested points during a requested time decided by the editor. The resubmitted manus will be accepted based on reviewers’ confirmation concerning the corrections made by the authors. Consequently, the manu is published in press as an accepted manu for a month before permanently archived in latest issue of the journal. The correspondent author has the right to write a letter to the editor in case of any misjudgment and in reviewing