Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Kurdish Language(Language College) - Sulaymaniyah University - Kurdistan Region of Iraq

2 Department of Kurdish Language, Sharazoor College of Education, Halabja University, Halabja/Iraq


This research is entitled(Types of Context in Kurdish), It is an attempt to present all types of contexts and their impact on syntactic structures in Kurdish, Context and its types have a significant role and importance in all different sciences and linguistics in particular. Context is directly related to the semantic level. Considering context in the analysis of expressions leads to a correct understanding of the purposes. As well as the semantic level, it plays a significant role at the syntactic level. In this research, the materials of the Middle Dialect (Sulaymaniyah dialect) were used, and the method of analytical praise was followed. This paper, in addition to the introduction, conclusions and list of sources, consists of two parts and several chapters. The first part is entitled (Linguistic Context), which explains the types of linguistic context in several sections. The second section presents (non-linguistic contexts), their types and their role at language levels.