Document Type : Original Article


media department, college humanities, university of Sulaymaniyah


The subject of this research is (The Opportunity of Investigative Journalism in Kurdistan Region), which is currently an important subject of journalism and it is important to journalists, for that matter the aim of the research is to find the opportunity of investigative journalism in Kurdistan Region and to know the appropriateness of Kurdistan environment for investigation, also to know the level of freedom of speech the matters of the research on the ground is presented. The research is also of a descriptive type, where the researcher has used survey approach. The researcher has used questionnaire in a way that is appropriate to the research and in order to obtain the objective of the research. Finally the research concluded that the level of providing investigative journalism in the provided freedom and having an appropriate environment for investigative journalism and opportunities to promote investigative work in Kurdistan Region at the highest standards, according to the research conclusion,It was a middle.average(54,93%) Regarding the ideal Kurdistan Journals, Rudaw, NRT and Diplomatic Magazine were leaders in investigative work average (32,11),(21,24),(12,04) legally, and to show the journals that have the ability to prove that investigative journalism exists in Kurdistan Region.