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Department of Arabic for Non-Native Speakers, Faculty of Languages, Jarmo University, Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan Region - Iraq.


  The utility of turning points is one of the stylistic phenomena that has transcended the limits of rhetoric and entered the field of modern critical studies, as literary texts are exposed to it in both poetry and prose. It is a device that writers resort to convey their psychological emotions for a specific audience so as to make them involved in his transitions from one case to another depending on the characteristic of each pronoun and his intentional transformations into other pronouns.  The use of such techniques may all serve the textual production process while motivating the recipient to search for their connotations, secrets, purposes and motives. This study is an attempt to particularly highlight the narrative turning pronouns. As the title suggests, the other types of turnings are not within the scope of the current paper. The nature of the study also necessitated that it come in three sections represented by the first, the second and the third pronoun  preceded by an introduction and ended with a conclusion with the most prominent results the study has arrived at.