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Tishk International University, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq.


Nowadays, the economic, social and environment are considered as three major concepts in human beings’ life. However, dealing with these subsystems and maintaining them for the sake of humanity are going to be a great achievement. For a country to be sustainable these concepts will be evaluated. Hence, this paper investigates in economic sustainability of Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) in order to decrease cost via restructuring and redesigning governmental formal letters. The main objective in this article is figure out that standardizing governmental formal letters will lead to decline public expenses. This is because implementing various formatting letter and different font sizes in public institutions cause serious problem in term of waste of money. So, the importance of this article is returning public cost to public budget, which is finally the whole society would worth from it. In order to achieve research objective primary data were collected through distributing a survey questionnaire among educated people in order to check the confidence level of readability. Also, interviewing information technology (IT) expert and public employers are other two major sources of the research data. The main results in this paper are, decreasing font size from 14 to 12 don’t affect confidence level of readability. Moreover, this change in font size would return a huge amount of money to public budget