Document Type : Original Article


Department of Psychology, College of Education, Garmian University, Kalar, Kurdistan Region, Iraq


    This study aimed to explore the relationship between religious commitment and general system justification among university students at (Garmian University / Kurdistan Region of Iraq), and the ability of religious commitment to predict the behavior of system justification and revealing individual differences. The study sample consisted of (292) university students and from Multiple disciplines, and the descriptive correlative approach was used because it fits with the goals of the study, and the Worthington et al. (2003) scale was used to measure religious commitment and Kay and Jost (2003) scale to measure the general system justification.
    The results indicated that the level of religious commitment is high in the research sample and the level of system justification is low for them, and there is a correlation between the two variables, there were no statistically significance differences in the level of system justification attributed to the levels of religious commitment due to the interaction of religious commitment and gender. Furthermore, religious commitment contributed to the explanation of 3.8% of the system justification behavior.