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قسم التربیة الرياضية // كلية التربية الرياضية //جامعة كَرميان


The methods and forms of training are nothing but practical exercises directed to raise the level of athletic achievement and achieve the goal of training. The effectiveness of the long jump is one of the activities that have developed significantly in recent years. Any change that occurs in the muscle, from voluntary or involuntary contraction, leads to the occurrence of an electrical signal that can be recorded and through which the period of activity can be determined. The study aimed to identify the relationship between the effect of plyometric training, electrical activity, and the development of special strength (explosive force and force endurance) on the achievement of the long jump. The experimental method with pre- and post-test was used on a sample of (5) players. Homogeneity was made between the research sample. The researcher used the training approach to develop the special strength and the level of athletic achievement in the long jump according to the components of the training load in a plyometric method and to raise the level of (special strength) qualities. After conducting the pre-test and then applying the exercises, the post-tests were conducted, and the results were processed statistically. The researcher concluded that plyometric exercises affected the development of the long jump achievement, and that these exercises had a significant positive impact on muscle activity (EMG) to know the force of contraction when performing the activity and locating the contraction site.


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