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1 به‌شی زمانى كوردى // كۆلێژى په‌روه‌رده‌// زانكۆی گه‌رمیان

2 زانکۆى گەرمیان _ کۆلێژى پەروەردە – بەشى زمانى کوردى


Lamentation is generally considered a form of lyrical poetry, where the poet expresses in a part of this lyrical poetry all his feelings and emotions towards the loss of a person dear to him. This lamentation is used in many cases , including in the open ,in alienation ,or in the loss of a dear person.Lamentation in its initial form and in all societies belongs to the customs and traditions that were prevalent at mourning .Lamentation has several meanings, as in the sad melody or in weeping over the dead .Lamentation is considered a topic so broad that no one can describe or explain all its branches at the same time.
The first chapter includes the origin of the meaning of lamentation and its definition in general,as well as in terms of content, lamentation is divided into two types: general and private lamentation.
As for the second chapter , which entitled (Lamentation in the poetic text of the poet Haseeb Qardaghi) ,where the poet considered the most difficult type of lamentation is that which is  written for a child or a woman .Lamentation a child or a woman is not an easy work of art ,just  as not every poet can write this kind of lamentation ,especially that lamentation for a  dead child .This kind of lamentaion works so hard on the poet s  feelings that you find the poets breaking the tip of his pen with which he writes.On the other hand ,we find that some poets cannot write anything about their dead even after a long period of time after their death.
Eventually, we presented the most prominent results that we reached with the important resources that we drew from in writing this valuable research.