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Department of Law, College of Law and Politics, University of Human Development - Sulaymaniyah


It is well known that the legal rulings and their purposes came to regulate human life in a way that befits him, and to preserve the continuity of this system, so preserving religion, soul, mind, offspring, and money are precise controls that Muslim scholars and jurists deduced long ago to achieve human interests in all aspects of his life, although the sad thing in the life of Muslims is their omission On realizing and understanding the purposes of the rulings and thus not moving forward to achieve a happy and prosperous life in the period in which they live and not seeking at the same time to ensure that life for their generations.
Unfortunately, non-Muslims embarked on this task and exerted their efforts to set frameworks and controls for that, so they invented what was called sustainable development, which is found in the folds of the teachings of Islam and its rulings, as it is absent from Muslims.
Since sustainable development, with its comprehensive definition and meaning, has become a plan to organize human life in the present and not to neglect the future, many countries and systems of the world have included it and sought to incorporate it into their plans.
I heard a lot about sustainable development, but I saw a scarcity in addressing the subject by the people of Sharia and law, which is what I wanted to delve into at the level of some provisions related to the family through the Iraqi Personal Status Law derived from Islamic Sharia.