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Department of psychology, Collège of Basic education , University of Garmian


The most important problems of people with special needs from the perspective of families in the district of Kalar. differences in the identification of problems between parents applied according to variable (sex, age, certificate). To achieve the objectives of the research was prepared a questionnaire of the most important problems include three areas, the field of psychological problems. The field of social problems, the field of economic problems. After collecting the data and statistically processing the results were as follows: - The fields were ranked in descending order according to the weighted average and percentage weight of each field, where the psychological field ranked first with a percentage weight (88,467), and in the second place came the economic problems with a percentage weight (85,767). In the third place the field of social problems weighted  (80,033), then arranged paragraphs of each area descending, and interpreted these results according to previous studies and literature adopted, but with regard to the second goal to identify the differences between families according to variable (sex, age, certificate) and the researcher reached There are no statistically significant differences according to those variables, because of the joint responsibility of the mother and father and bear the burdens of difficulties and problems of care and the human nature of the mother and father towards care is not related to testimony or age are human motives for the care of children, especially the disabled needs  intensive care regardless of age and education .