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Department of religion education, College of Islamic Sciences, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq


he family is the foundation of society, it is the school of raising children; it is a source of happiness and tranquility, and mental, physical and mental health. New is full of energy and vitality; prepares them to create urbanization and civilization.
Unfortunately, the family today suffers from fierce attacks, where it was subjected to a physical attack and sexual pricing, and began to crack and split, and some of them have collapsed, due to non-purposeful media, and pornographic channels, and continue uncertain online.
The family was exposed to external challenges, with internal challenges such as: lack of culture and frequent problems and the occurrence of arbitrary divorce, and external interference, violence and betrayal, and external challenges such as: sexual problems and blatant hostility to early marriage and stewardship of men, and the creation of new types of marriage Legitimacy, the inferior view of motherhood and birth control, and most of all the challenge of intoxicants and drugs, harassment, rape and abortion, which caused the disintegration of the family, and the large number of mental illness and loss of youth, the spread of crimes, the displacement of children, and abuse with the elderly.
The means of prevention and immunization of the family in front of all these challenges and attacks; be attention to values and ethics, improve living, strengthen the role of the family, the establishment of meaningful information, and educate the husband and wife of duties and rights and the art of marital coping, and criminalize all types of sexual pricing.