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Department of Low, University of Garmian


The Islamic law has defined the limits of the marital relationship, and put its framework on the closest approach to family happiness, and established the marital edifice on the strongest and most reliable pillars, and that the approach that the law has accepted is the approach that is in harmony with the nature of existence, and is fully consistent with the social life of the world, if it is to be refined. And the sirbha, they ascended to the heights of perfection. Because the wisdom of legislation in marriage requires permanence and perpetuity. The dissolution of the marital and family relationship in the Kurdistan Region-Iraq has become a dangerous phenomenon that threatens the family in Kurdistan society, so from the
Therefore, it is necessary to study the most important causes of this phenomenon, and then treat them by various legal and legitimate means.
There are several reasons for this phenomenon, and perhaps the most important of them, according to judicial statistics in this regard, is the marriage of minors, and the misuse of modern means of communication. This is due to the lack of family legal culture, as well as the complete lack of knowledge of the philosophy of marriage in the Sharia in our society.
One of the most important ways and means to address this phenomenon is represented by raising the age of marriage for sons and daughters, preventing marriage between minors, and activating the role of legal institutions specialized in this regard, which have an important role to limit the reduction of this phenomenon. As well as the establishment of centers for rehabilitation courses for those about to get married.