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College of Islamic Sciences, University of Sulaimani


The effect of blood group on the occurrence and treatment of marital and social problems. The origin of the idea of this research
has been the result of tracking, studying and comparing a process for more than five year. In order to confirm the validity of this
research, I relied on several researches and papers published in this field and then compared the contents of these researches to the
ground through my profession as a teacher, Imam and Khatib by applying the results to many personalities. By asking several
questions about their blood group, collecting and comparing the answers.
There is no doubt that the family and social problems are increasing day by day. What I want to convey in this research is that both
spouses understand and accept the fact that blood type has a direct impact on the formation of one's personality and how he thinks
and attitudes and in dealing with others. It is therefore necessary to accept each of them in return for the qualities and natures that
God created them.
It is necessary for each of us to know the character of his own blood group and to recognize the positive positive qualities inherent
in it.
It is necessary for each husband to know the personality of his partner in his own blood class so that he knows how to deal with
him and as a result can overcome most of the problems resulting from differing views.
Finally, I hope that this research will be a good portal for every reformer in his profession in order to identify the personalities of
others with a view to using it to solve family and social problems.