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Halabja University// College of Humanities// Department of Principles of Religion


Woman as mothers have important roles in society and in constructing the personality of further
generations. Mother also helps to protect the national and cultural identity of a nation.
Because of the outstanding development which has happened to humans lives in all aspects, there are too
many attempts to change negative the stature of women mother in particular _ in society. The changes mostly
harm the standing of mothers. The big problem is that human legislation becomes the cause of increasing the
problems of mothers and unluckily decreasing their rights instead of protecting them.On the other side, if we
look at Islamic Shariaa we find that rights are provided for all according to human nature.
The importance of this research is that it marks the role of mother and her tasks in a family in order to be
able to follow her duties in the best way.Since most of the mothers have no clear idea about their rights and
duties, problems of child upbringing and family care will start.
This research contains some points, such as; fostering, breast-feeding,education …etc,and it shows the
position of mother comparing to current laws in Kurdistan Region explaining the issues which are in relation
with mothers.