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Department of Religious Education // College of Islamic Sciences // Sulaimani University


This paper indicate the view of the three monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) to marriage as the first step to the
formation of the family, and addresses the conditions and objectives of marriage in each of the three religions. The purpose of the
research is to clarify the oneness of purpose and purpose of the marriage process in the monotheistic religions and to the oneness of
their source basically. The research shows that most of the laws of the contemporary world do not observe these conditions and
objectives, but rather under the slogan of emancipation and progress they against the religious conditions and goals of marriage,
which was approved by the religion of the majority of citizens, and the research also shows that the religions are largely in
agreement with their view of Marriage and in its terms and objectives. The methods used in the research are the inductive and
analytical methods and the comparison of judgments when needed. The research concludes that the religious conditions and
objectives of marriage have an effective effect on marital happiness and that heavenly religions have one origin and that in
important matters they challenge the destination