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بەشی زانستە کۆمەڵایەتیەکان // كۆلێژی په‌روه‌رده‌ی بنه‌ڕه‌ت // زانكۆی گه‌رمیان


 The study of the uses of the land is considered an important topic, as it is one of the results of the movement of the population in the sense of their growth and distribution, as it is known that the city of Kafri is the same as the state of the region's cities passed through the stages of population growth.  So, GIS technology and distance sensing is one of the best ways to know that balance.
 At a time when the scientific progress in the field of technology played a big role in following the changes of the Earth's surface by analyzing the satellite visuals Landsat (ETM2010-TM1990), and since the map of the uses of the Earth provides us with a realistic picture of the Earth at a specific time (the coupling period), it had a role in clarifying  The changes that have occurred in the nature of land uses in the study area, the most important of which is to increase the built-up area to about (477,2) hectares during the study period.