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Faculty of Physical Education (FPHE), University of Koya, Koya, Iraq


Table tennis is one of the individual games of skill in the first place, and the skill performance in it is the first and most important requirement for the players, and this requires them to master the basic skills of the game perfectly so that they can perform the requirements of the game to the fullest, and so that the players can deal with the ball, which is characterized by its small size, Thus directing it on specific places of the table top. Attention is one of the means that contributes to raising the players' ability to notice things with high accuracy, especially during learning.
The research problem lies in the fact that most of the superior teams, especially the junior teams, lose a lot of picking up during the performance of the skill of blocking the ball in table tennis, because of the lack of attention of the coaches in their training units to the practical aspect of the players. Therefore, the researchers decided to study this problem to identify it for the purpose of finding scientific and objective solutions in order to raise the level of the Koya Sports Club table tennis players to the best level.