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Kurdish Department, College of Education for humanitarian, Kirkuk University, Kirkuk, Iraq.


The research is entitled (Representing the sentence structure in the Kurdish language - according to the theory of lexical-functional grammar). The research aims to study the representation of sentence structure in the Kurdish language.
   The theory is derived from the lexicon on identifying two basic components of the sentence (a) constitute structure (b) functional structure. Every sentence in a language is made up of these two components. In this research, we determined the constitute structure and functional structure in the Kurdish language sentence.
   The research is divided into two parts; the first part includes the theoretical principle and the basic concepts of the theory. It also includes the objectives of the theory. In terms of the basic principles and concepts of the theory, the research dealt with the lexicon structure, constitute structure and functional structure.
   The second part of the research presented the grammatical functions and sentence structure according to the lexical-functional grammar theory in the Kurdish language. The research also dealt with the principle (function ɸ) to connect and link the constitute structure with the function structure in grammatical structures, especially in the sentence structure in the Kurdish language.

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