جۆری توێژینه‌وه‌ : Original Article


1 University of Garmian Kalar, Iraq

2 Chemistry Dept., Education College, University of Garmian, Iraq.


Using cast iron pipes in various industrial and water systems is experiencing a major
problem of corrosion occurrence. Hence the operation and maintenance of these pipes
become costly and infeasible. Corrosion inhibitors have a great role in decreasing pipes
corrosion rate. In this study, the inhibition effect by applying two inhibitors of
hexamethylenetetramine (hexamine) and aniline on cast iron pipes was studied.
Experimental measurements of the corrosion behavior of cast iron pipes was thoroughly
examined in three aqueous salt solutions of 2% NaCl, 2% Na 2 SO 4 and 2% CaCO 3 . The
corrosion inhibition efficiency of the cast iron pipes by aniline or hexamine in the three
aqueous salt aqueous solutions was investigated at constant temperature and for different
time intervals. Corrosion rates of the pipes were determined using weight loss technique.
It has been found that, for the corrosion of cast iron pipes, a satisfactory inhibition
efficiency is observed for a concentration close to 150 ppm hexamine and 150 ppm
aniline over the whole aqueous salt solutions tested in the work. The results showed that
at the same inhibitor concentration and temperature, aniline exhibits higher inhibition
corrosion efficiency on cast iron pipes than the efficiency achieved by hexamine.

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