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Rhyming (Saj') is an art of rhetoric and lexical aesthetics and is more related to prose. Saj' (similar to rhyme in poetry) has several common sounds and melodies at the end of sentences and phrases in the prose text.
Aladdin Sajadi, as writer and prolific literature specialist, even though he was worked on several literary fields including, literature, criticism, history, language and religion, but was also an expert on poetical prose. In his book ‘History of Kurdish Literature’, which is still considered as one of the most important sources on the history of Kurdish literature, the book itself is also a literary source and foundation. In the book, where he talks about life and works of poets, he has rendered an example of the art of Saj’ for each poet.
This article is an attempt to reveal and analyze the different forms of the art of Rhyming in the introductory texts of all the poets mentioned by Aladdin Sajadi in his book: ‘History of Kurdish Literature’.
The research consists of two parts: the first part is theoretical and is dedicated to introducing the art of Rhyming, its characteristics and types and its reflection in prose; the second part is practical and goes into details from the point of view of aesthetics, artistic, rhetoric, different forms and types and forms of the art of Rhyming in the Aladdin Sajadi's prose.

  1. بە زمانی کوردی:


    1. سەجادی، عەلائەدین (١٩٥٢)، مێژووی ئەدەبی کوردی، چاپخانەی مەعارف، بەغدا.
    2. سەجادی، عەلائەدین (١٩٧٨)، خۆشخوانی، چاپخانەی مەعارف، بەغدا.
    3. گەردی، عەزیز (١٩٧٥)، ڕەوانبێژی لە ئەدەبی کوردیدا، بەرگی دووەم، چاپخانەی شارەوانی، هەولێر.
    4. گەردی، موحسین ئەحمەد مستەفا (٢٠١٣)، بەهاری ڕەوانبێژی (واتاناسی، ڕوونبێژی، جوانکاری)، چاپخانەی نارین، هەولێر.


    1. عەبدولواحید، ئازاد (٢٠٠٦)، کشانی ئەستێرەیەک و هەندێ بیرەوەری تایبەتیم، گۆڤاری ڕامان، ژمارە ١١٢، هەولێر.

    بە زمانی عەرەبی:

    1. عتیق، الدکتور عبدالعزیز (١٩٧٤)، علم البدیع، دار النهضة العربیة، بیروت، لبنان.