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1 به‌شی كوردی‌ // فاكه‌ڵتی په‌روه‌رده‌ // زانكۆی كۆیه

2 بەشی كوردی // كۆلێژى پەروەردەى مەخموور // زانکۆی سەڵاحەدین


In general, literary historian needs to be classified & staged properly to reflect the contemporary, the stages of the arising out, changes and the development of national literary of each nation. Each of the nearby and worldwide nations has taken a specific method to write and record their national literary which reflects the development of their national literature. For example, the historians of the Arabian literature have staged the history of the Arabian literature in a way to correspond exactly with the stages of the political and social history of the Islamic Arabian State. Whereas the historians of the Persian literature have taken a specific method of their own according to the turn and the formal schools. In the other hand, the historians of the European literature have recorded the history of the European nations according to the literary schools and methods. Regarding Kurdish historical literature, there have been several individual attempts in the last hundred years. The history of Kurdish literature of Mr. Sajjadi is a prominent and prosperous one in this regard. But despite all these important individual attempts, so far, our literary historians have not applied the methods, classifications, and the proper and scientific stages. This thesis is an attempt to research and evaluate the attempts taken in this regard. Also, it focuses on a suitable and correct method to record our Kurdish historical literature.


  1. بە زمانى كوردى
    1. باپير ئاغا، عەلى كەمال، ١٩٣٩، گڵدەستەى شعراى هاوعصرم، سلێمانى.
    2. حيلمى، ڕەفيق، ١٩٤١، شيعر و ئەدەبياتى كوردى، بەرگى يەكەم، بەغدا.
    3. خەزنەدار، مارف، (د.)، ٢٠٠١ – ٢٠٠٦، مێژووى ئەدەبى كوردى، ٧ بەرگ، چاپى يەكەم، دەزگاى چاپ و بڵاوكردنەوەى ئاراس، هەولێر.
    4. سجادى، عەلاءالدين، ١٩٧١، مێژووى ئەدەبى كوردى، چاپى دووەم، چاپخانەى مەعاريف، بەغدا.
    5. فيضى بەگ، ئەمين، ١٩٨٣، ئەنجومەنى ئەديبان، چاپخانەى كۆڕى زانيارى عيراق، بەغدا.
    6. هەكزى، عەبدولكەريم، ١٩٣٨، كۆمەڵە شيعرى شاعيرانى كورد، سلێمانى.


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