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1 Department of Arabic Language // College of Basic Education // Garmian University

2 Department of Arabic Language // College of Education // Garmian University


      Our research, tagged with synchronicity and convergence in Al-Ashi’s poetry, seeks to monitor the structures of time and space, as well as revealing the functions in the spatio-temporal framework in the poetic fabric of Qais Ibn Maimonides. The importance of the research lies in shedding light on an aspect of the poet’s aesthetic experience .
       And his distinguished vision in creativity, which is a prominent relationship in the history of Arabic literature, starting from the pre-Islamic era to the present day. The selection of this veteran poet’s achievement came to the dominance of hybridity, the literary overlap in his poetry, and the abundance of narrative techniques in his fictional poetry to constitute an indication of the poet’s competence and ability to generate experiences based on his experience on the one hand and his knowledge of previous literary products without adopting philosophical visions or prevailing critical proposals. The study dealt with two axes, the first of which is the narrative time, in which it sheds light on the temporal paradoxes and the mechanisms of accelerating and slowing the narrative. As for the second axis, the narrative place was treated by means of differential forms, the relationships of the place and its functions in the narrative saying. The research ended with a set of results, followed by a list of search margins, then a list of sources and references .

المصادر والمراجع
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