Document Type : Original Article


Department of Law, Faculties of Law, Political Science and Administration, University Soran


This research deals with the phenomenon of domestic violence and its opposition represented in the law
Combating domestic violence in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and explaining the impact of some texts and concepts contained in this law on the disintegration of the Kurdish family, due to their conflict with Islamic Sharia and its purposes, requires reconsideration and treatment in light of the purposes of Islamic Sharia and its overall rules. In this regard, the researcher used the inductive approach. Analytical Approach: To collect the scientific material and then use it to extrapolate this law. Accordingly, the results of this study showed that some provisions of this law negatively affect the Kurdish family and sometimes lead to its disintegration. Accordingly, the research suggested amending the law in accordance with the purposes of Islamic law in addressing and combating domestic violence, and thus adopting other preventive means by employing educational curricula to reduce this phenomenon, and not be satisfied with legal solutions alone.