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1 Zankoi Suleimani // KoolĎji Yasa

2 Salahaddin University/ College of Islamic Sciences/ Department of Islamic Studies


The family is the school of education of all individuals and the greatest
It is also the center of education, in order to become a useful and talented individual
Efficiently productive, attention must be paid to the family and roles
Restore influence and make it the focus of education in
In society, this is for the proper education of the individual and
Protecting the community.
Currently, the Kurdish family is generally in a difficult situation
and has lost many of its key functions and roles.
That includes education, training, teaching and delivery
A good individual to society, the loss of this role is dangerous
It is a major crisis that needs to be addressed.
This study focuses on the challenges facing the family
In Kurdish society, the challenges needed to
Families should be prepared and not be attacked
The views of the holy religion of Islam on the problems and the necessary solutions are also briefly discussed.
In this study, the challenges are classified into three different levels, the global and regional levels, the level of Kurdish society, the level of the family itself in Kurdistan, in order to better explain and analyze the topics of the research.