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Salahaddin University/College of Education/Department of Psychological and Educational Sciences1,2


The aim of this research is to" Evaluate the growth of children in kindergartens From the perspective of parents (guardians) In the
center of Kalar district " .
The researcher took a sample of the research community (50) Parents and parents (16.5%) From the research community, the
researcher designed a questionnaire to assess the growth of children from seven areas the researcher chose the statistical methods
weighted mean and percentage weight, the research has reached the following results:-
1- the most paragraphs related to the areas of social, linguistic, mental, health, psychological and artistic development of children
achieved the highest weighted average and the percentage of weight and thus shows the level of good growth according to the
opinions of participants in the evaluation.
2-As for the paragraphs related to the field of motor psychology any child's performance is related to the applied side of motor
skills They received the lowest weighted average and the percentage weight, ie, failure to achieve paragraphs, resulting in the least
interest of teachers in the practical side of the material.
3-The results showed that the child's development in general achieved its goals and the satisfaction of the majority of parents about