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1 University of Sulaymaniyah // College of Islamic Sciences // Department of Islamic Studies

2 Koya University // Faculty of Education // Department of Education and Psychology

3 University of Sulaymaniyah // College of Islamic Sciences // Sharia Department


Family holds a very important position in various religious texts and in lawmakers’ attitudes
because of the huge effects that the role of the family has on every person’s life. Clearly, for
people to have decent lives, no matter where they are living, they need to find ways to solve
many different kinds of problems. This is also true in relation to families when they face
problems and suffer as a result of various issues that arise. The need to search for and discuss
solutions to these problems can be urgent; otherwise, people might not be able to improve
their situations, and successful outcomes may then be unlikely.
A key characteristic of Islamic laws is that they offer solutions to problems that relate to all
aspects of a human being’s life in general and to the family and its members in particular.
This can be seen in many verses of the Quran and in the Sunna. Indeed, the sermonic speech
in a Friday prayer, which is one of the most important rituals in congregational meetings in
Islam, plays a very important role in reducing problems that families face and helping them
to find solutions.
Kurdish community as an Islamic community uphold all Islamic obligations, especially the
Friday prayers. Therefore, there are opportunities for all members of Kurdish community to
take advantage of this religious obligation that is repeated at the same time every Friday.
People can use this as guidance for themselves, to become more aware of the reasons behind
family problems that are developing and growing as well as to listen to the religious
solutions and the advice of the preachers.