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جامعة البصرة –كلية التربية للبنات


The objective of the research is to detect a significant global phenomenon that controls the Mediterranean sea atmosphere during the rainy season. It is characterized by the complete control of one of the Mediterranean basin. This phenomenon is known as pressure closure. The observational maps of the observations (00 Z) and (1200 Z) The first two climates, 1957-1958, 1967-1967, and the second climatic cycle 2007 / 2008-2017 / 2018, adopted the maps published on the website of the US Atmospheric and Oceanic Agency (NOAA). The study showed that there are four air heights that cause complete control of the Mediterranean Sea. Azorean Anti cyclone and the European Anticyclone and North Africa Anti cyclone and Integrated Anticyclone The analysis of the monthly and seasonal averages of the number of days of control showed that there was a rise in the overall control of the Mediterranean basin due to Climate change with a clear rise in North African survival rates greater than the rest of the anti cyclone, High-pressure air after the control of the Azorean and the European high in the first round. And that the increase in the number of days of the survival of cases of pressure closure on the Mediterranean lead to the sovereignty of the stability of the atmosphere on the region and prevent the formation of depressions and the distance of the tracks from the Mediterranean and thus reflected on the lack of precipitation in general                                                                   .


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