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1 Geography Department, College of Humanities , University of Garmian , Kurdistan Region - Iraq.

2 Geography, Humanities Education, University of Sulaimani


Saidsadiq district is located in the north-east of Kurdistan region and south-east of Sulaymaniyah governorate, between the latitudes (35°15'26" N -35°37'2" N) north and longitudes (45°35'12" E - 45°57'47"E) east, its area is(697 km2).
   As a result of the increase in the population and the increase in their need to use water for various activists,  Despite the instability of the annual and low rainfall in a few years at the rate of the need for the growth of seasonal agriculture, Wheat, Barley, chickpea,...ext) and decreasing the level of water under the ground, drying and decreasing the water of Springs and Fountains, The reasons for doing this investigation to continuously develop the water resources and use them In a scientific way, using practical methods and presenting the results in the most suitable place for water storage and dam construction in Saidsadiq district, depending of analyzing the characteristics of the natural environment of the area and using the geographical information system program (GIS 10.0) and the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) with resolution (25m), One of the most important results of the research is to determine the four suitable places for building dams, Which is located in the north and middle of the research area, dam (1) (35°18'46"N-45°41'27"E) its area is (7.5km2) the ability of water depoting (250 million/m3), dam (2) (35°18'46"N-45°41'27"E) its area is (3.5k2) and the ability water depoting (120 million/m3), dam (3) (35°18'46"N-45°41'27"E) its area is (13 km2), and the ability water depoting (405 million/m3), dam (4) (35°18'46"N-45°41'27"E) its area is (3.1k2) the ability to water depoting  (44.7 million/m3).


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