1. The journal publishes high quality scientific researches in the fields of languages and human sciences that have not been published or submitted for publication before.
  2. The submitted researches will be blind reviewed by experts and academicians at home or abroad.
  3. English, Kurdish and Arabic researches are published here. Publishing requirements:
  4. For Kurdish papers, (unikurd Goran) should be used with font (16) + bold for title, (13) for the content, and (9) for the footnotes.
  5. For Arabic papers, (Ali-A-Sahifa) should be used with font (16) + bold for title, (13) for the content, and (9) for the footnotes.
  6. English papers should use (Times New Roman), font (16) + bold for the title, (12) for the content and (9) for the footnotes.
  7. The papers should follow the following formula: (Title of the research + Full name of writer/writers + The Abstract + Keywords) all the above parts should be written in English. Then the contents, conclusions, recommendations, and list of sources could be in English, Kurdish, or Arabic. At the end, the abstract should be written in Kurdish and Arabic.
  8. In text documentations should be in the following formula: (Author's name, year: Page). Clarification notes are assigned by stars in the text and provided after the results page entitled “Notes”.
  9. The researcher/s should write: (his/her/their steric name/s, then at the end his/her/their (Scientific titles, Department, College, University, Governorate, country, E-mail).
  10. The Abstract should not exceed (250) words and the Keywords to be (3-5) words.
  11. The sources should be arranged alphabetically according to the language of the research.
  12. Papers should not exceed (25) A4 pages, (2) Centimeters space should be left on the four margins of the page.

        13. Poems, pictures or diagrams (if existed) should be put within tables, and a special position for each table.

        14. In case of using Qur’anic verse, Qur’anic font should be use.

        15. Publication fees (150,000) two hundred and fifty thousand Iraqi dinars.